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As an OEM, should we do our own calibrations?

Most companies discover that it's impractical and inefficient to perform their own calibrations. There are several key issues with regard to internal calibration, including:

  • The Cost of Calibration Standards - More often than not, the cost of the calibration standards with the necessary accuracy to perform NIST traceable calibrations is tremendous. It can take many years of internal calibrations to offset the cost of even one standard. 
  • Development of Procedures - Many instrument manufacturers do not share their proprietary calibration procedures. The cost of researching or developing a compliant calibration procedure can be in the hundreds of man-hours. 
  • Productivity of the Technician - Non-commercial calibration productivity per technician is typically only a small fraction of what can be done at an external calibration laboratory. Using their specialized experience, automation, efficient procedures and experienced management, this productivity can be dramatically increased.
  • Management Costs - The overall cost of managing technicians, calibration standards, maintenance, documentation and all of the calibration-related processes can be overwhelming. It is also an additional burden on existing management staff.
  • Core Compentency - Given all of the above, the operation of an internal calibration laboratory only serves to detract resources from the organizations' core competence.

By outsourcing your company's calibrations, your organization can leverage our industry-leading calibration services at only a small fraction of the costs and time associated with maintaining your own internal capabilities. You can also take advantage of our wide choice of services including instrument repair, asset management, subcontracted service management, and our new quality and metrology consulting services.

Outsourcing also brings a level of competence and expertise, recognized by a third-party, for every calibration need your organization may have.

Here are a few of the benefits of Outsourcing:

  • If required, you can obtain ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrations without the expense and difficulty of maintaining your own accreditation to that quality standard.
  • Reduce Your Expenses -Reduce or totally avoid the cost related to facilities, standards, equipment, personnel, training and management
  • Improve Your Focus -Ensure that your organization can focus 100% on your core business.
  • Quality Assurance -Put one of the nation's best quality systems and most competent teams to work for your organization.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service -Our focus is on you... no voicemails, no waiting. We provide personal, one-on-one contact with a real human being, not a machine. We are demonstratively customer-centric. 
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