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Onsite calibration is a specialized service offered by Gorelabs that enables you to minimize downtime and eliminate possible transportation damages.

Serving the New England area since 1994, Gorelabs is the choice for calibration events at your own facility.

Our onsite services can be scheduled to occur at your convenience, with minimal disruption.

Many customers harbor a misconception that onsite service will cost more than regular "ship-to" service. But when one considers the reduction in downtime and potential equipment damage, the avoidance of costly packaging and freight costs, and the increase in one's productivity, the cost associated with traveling to your location is clearly offset.

You should choose onsite calibration when your organization needs to:

  • maintain ultra-fast turnaround times,
  • minimize the risk of shipping delicate and costly instruments, and
  • reduce the cost of your calibration program.

Once of our representatives can assist you in determining the correct onsite service solution to meet your exact requirements.

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